Organic Sprays for Residues

Growing Plants stay healthy and fresh in Farmington

Full Bloom Hydroponics and Gardening Center sells our own line of organic sprays to help remove unwanted residues.
We can travel to your location to help you set up your own grow room to ensure that your plants can reach their highest potential. Full Bloom Hydroponics carries NPK Industries™ Might Wash™ organic sprays, which are a special pesticide that can be used on your plants the day up until the day of harvest.
  • Ventilation
  • Grow Room Designs
Mighty Wash™ uses electrified water to kill bugs and gets rid of sticky residue to ensure that the only thing you taste is your produce.

We Sell & Repair Fluorescent Lighting

Full Bloom Hydroponics also carries both electronic and magnetic ballasts. We prefer magnetic because we are able to repair them right in our shop at a rate of $40 an hour. The only additional charge is what it costs for the repair. This allows us to make sure you have everything in working condition, even if you have problems. This keeps your growing plants healthy and fresh. We proudly serve customers in Farmington and throughout Franklin County.

We Sell Organic Lighting and HID Ballasts

  • LED
  • LEC
  • Double Ended