in Farmington, Maine

Full Bloom Hydroponics & Gardening Center

Hydroponic Gardening in Farmington, ME

Full Bloom Hydroponics is Maine’s most informative grow store, there is no job too big or too small for us! We have built more grow rooms then we can keep track of. We currently are growing in hydro and soil, with extensive knowledge in both.

We Make Deliveries!

Our loyal customers make it easy for our professionals to provide excellent customer service. We are willing to travel anywhere in Maine, to assist our clients with all of their hydroponic needs.

Who We Are

Owner, Zachary Dulac, feels that we should be able to take control of our own diets, and medicine by growing our own. People who grow plant systems understand the balance between good health and natural food. When people do not grow their own food, they may consume food that is modified by pharmaceutical and chemical companies. These chemicals, and hormones and may not be the healthiest choices. Customers are empowered to know that everyone’s body works differently, and by eliminating some of the artificial factors, you are more likely to find something that works for you—and that is your business.
We also provide a 10% discount to anyone who is a registered caregiver.