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Hydroponic Soils & Amendments

Soils, Products, & Nutrients—Franklin Counties

Full Bloom Hydroponics offers the best soils in the business such as First Amendment Soil™, Zero Pepper Hydro Mix, No Till “Living Soil,” Super Soil®, Ocean Forest®, Happy Frog®, Sunshine® Mix, Pro-Mix, Roots Organic 707, and Canna Coco to ensure that our customers have the best base products available.

We also carry top-of-the-line nutrient products such as Age Old Organics™, Root Organics™, Advanced Nutrients®, DynaGrow™, Mills, Heavy 16, Athena, Fox Farm, Mammoth, Recharge, Botanicare™, and many others to guarantee your plants truly thrive.

Full Bloom Hydroponics also offers quality potting products for our customers because we know that for your plants to grow, they need to be strong from top to bottom. Since 2011, Full Bloom Hydroponics has served the people of Farmington, ME and surrounding areas as a haven for gardeners, farmers, and hobbyists who do not want to be hindered by harsh Maine winters. In addition, our store is also a CO2 fill station for 20 lb. and 100 lbs. tanks.
  • Trimming and Storage Needs Supplies
  • Scoopable Amendments by the Pound
  • Complete Irrigation Setups
  • Complete Irrigation Equipment & Supplies
  • Hydroponic Equipment & Supplies
  • Butane & Extraction Equipment
We sell and contract with an installer for Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners and Quest Dehumidifier.